For Process Packaging applications we specialize in

providing gas compression systems for industrial gas,

chemical, petrochemical and refinery applications.

These gas applications typically include Hydrogen, nitrogen,

helium and sour or acid gas feed streams.



Special Projects


ConPackSys has a commitment towards the niche areas

within this market. We are specialized and have experience

in the design of process and utility systems suitable for the

extreme requirements with regard to combinations of material selection and system design for highly corrosive gasses under

high pressure. (i.e. 10.000# piping spools design . manufacturing)



Typical supplied system references


  • recip   - MGI: 1 pcs high pressure / lethal gas injection
  • centrif - Al Noor: 3 pcs Acid gas re-injection plant
  • centrif - Qarn Alam: 2 pcs (sour) lift gas application
  • centrif - Barik: 2 pcs (sour) lift gas application