The CONPACKSYS foundation is supported by a solid combination of all necessary disciplines working together in close harmony.

The team consists of Discipline Engineers, Supporting staff and Management.

Our highly skilled engineers have an advanced engineering education and long term technical experience in disciplines such as:

process, mechanical, instrumentation, electrical, piping and structural.


Their experience covers multiple tasks in: project management, design, engineering, construction, testing, commissioning and start-up


In 1976 we started serving the industries initially as part of a larger company. After a management buy-out in 1990 Conpacksys became a privately owned company lead by a Director and Managing / Technical Director.

Dedicated staff is available for finance, HR and  general administrative duties


The actual process defines  the compressor selection and complexity of the process- and utility systems. Essential systems engineering, equipment selection and design is performed using the following tools;

  • ASPEN HYSYS (static and dynamic process simulation)
  • ASPEN Exchanger Design and Rating
  • Dampersim – TNP (pulsation damper design)
  • CONVAL calculation functionalities for components
                      and processes in industrial systems
  • PV Elite  (Pressure Vessel design)

The foundation of a package is based on the mechanical and structural engineering. Where un-avoidable vibration forces are induced by a compressor system . Sound engineering of skid and piping determines the quality of a package and durability in the field. Tools used are

  • Autoplant (2D / 3D design)
  • PDMS (3D design)
  • Ansys (finit elements analysis)
  • Ceasar (pipe stress calculations)

Dedicated engineers to safeguard the systems with suitable and reliable valves, instrumentation, machine monitoring and control systems designed according customer specifications and based on Conpacksys experience for reliable systems operations.



QA/QC is both inevitable as well as indispensable to maintain our leading position in the high demanding markets of compressor solutions.


We have our in-house Quality Control Department;
Inspection engineer (IKT3), welding inspector (CSWIP 3.1) and coating inspector (NACE CIP level 2)


Conpacksys is ISO 9001:2008 certified


As a contracting and packaging company performing most of the engineering in-house, the extensive flow and status of documentation between our clients and sub suppliers is of the utmost importance.


Therefore we have established our own in-house document control system to administrate, monitor and expedite the essential stream of information.


Fulltime mechanical field engineer(s) supervising onsite equipment installation and startup, process engineers and E&I engineers dedicated to a project from basic design towards field commissioning.


Aftersales safeguarding your equipment availability during design lifetime for replacement wear and tear parts.


The 7 bullit points of Conpacksys