ConPackSys, as your RELIABLE PARTNER for compression solutions, is an ISO9001 and

SCC certified  Contracting, Packaging, Systems engineering and procurement company,

specialized in tailored gas compression systems and complete packages


Located in The Netherlands, close to the centre of the industrial area Rotterdam – Antwerp.

We are active all over the world, in particular in Europe and the Middle and Far-East, both

onshore as well as off-shore.


Our experience in serving the worldwide oil and gas, energy and process industries

extends from centrifugal to reciprocating compression systems, packages and skids.


ConPackSys mission is closing the gap between the compressor manufacturers and it’s customers.


Key statistics are;

• Processes from dry sweet natural gas to wet, acid and lethal gas compositions

• Supply of compressor utility systems to projects on a turnkey basis

• Discharge pressures up to 600 bar (API 6A - 10.000psi)

• Shaft power up to 40 MW

• Largest plot plan size realized: 140 x 70m

• Engineering & design as subcontracted packager or as main contractor



Over 25 years experience: established 1990